Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Solar Energy

There are different reasons why people choose solar energy. It can either from the point of view of using a sustainable energy resource or from the financial point of view. Both are correct, solar energy is beneficial in all the ways. Generating household energy from the sun is a very appealing fact, but knowing its pros and cons are very important. You can find some details on the site of 2020 Solar PV. You can even consult professionals to know how far the technology will be beneficial for you. There are many benefits of solar energy such as its free and abundant. If the sun's energy was properly harnessed not a single house on this planet would face electricity problem.
Unfortunately, this is not happening, people are relying more on coal, oil and gas to produce electricity. One day these resources will become extinct then what will people do. Thus, the sun is the best alternative to meet the energy demands of human being. The solar panels are easily installed on the rooftops. Very less maintenance is needed for solar cells. It is a sustainable energy resource and will prove to be highly beneficial in future.
Like every other thing in this world, the solar energy also has some downsides. The photovoltaic cells are expensive. It is very high in comparison to the electricity cost. It will be your companion for years, but it is a very long time. In places where people are living in apartments or multi-storied buildings, the solar panels cannot be installed properly. If the climate is cloudy or rainy, then the efficiency of solar energy will reduce. No sun means no electricity. It is a little difficult to install it for large demands. For personal use, it is still manageable. Solar energy is a limited resource for the night time. If you did not store sufficient energy in the battery during the daytime, you can fall short of energy when the sun goes down.

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