Friday, 3 June 2016

Difference Between Intentional Tort And Negligence Tort

Sometimes you may get physically attacked by someone intentionally but you may find it difficult to prove that the person attacked you purposely. Baizer Kolar P.C. law firm represents your personal injury case with a team of dedicated lawyers. It is a law firm specialized in dealing with all types of personal injury case and it is sure that you will win in your case when hiring a lawyer from the law firm.

Most of the civil case has torts which mean the defendant has harmed the victim. The damage may be anything like physical damages, damaging the property of the victim, damaging the name and fame of the victim etc.  The torts are divided into intentional torts and negligence torts. Negligence tort is considered as harming another person due to careless behavior where as intentional torts are harming another person on specific purpose.

Depending on the mindset of a person you can classify the tort as intentional tort or negligence tort.  For instance assume that there was a car accident and both the parties involved in the car accident hit each other intentionally and it was an accident. It is the responsible of the offending driver to drive safely without breaching. But the accident results in physical damages to the victim and also causes damage to victim’s car.  

Consider another example, a person intentionally hits the car of another person and cause damages to the other person and also the car. It is similar to the above incident and also the damages are same. The only difference is in the above case the offending driver made the accident carelessly whereas in the second case the driver did it intentionally. Though the accidents are similar the mindset of the above two offending divers are different.

If the defendant proves that the accident was not intentional then the defendant is not liable for the accident and you cannot claim the compensation.

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