Thursday, 13 July 2017

Swipe right, swipe left: Play safe on Tinder

The popular dating app, Tinder can now be used without your social media account. Surprised? tinder without facebook has come across as a major relief for users of the dating app. A small survey conducted online at has a majority of the users saying they would prefer using Tinder without the hassles of signing up on Facebook.
The Tinder app is available for download on Android and iPhone and has gained popularity since its inception, with nearly half a billion registered users online. Tinder requires access to your social media account. Often, you would not want to share your personal information with third-party users, or you are uncomfortable with the thought of a stranger learning about your personal life.
This interesting guide comes handy if you are one of the few who prefers using Tinder without banking on Facebook. Before getting started let’s answer the why’s and how’s to help you familiarize with the subject.
Connecting Tinder And Facebook
Every time you start to use an app or a link, a common request would be to sign in with your social media account to gain access. Tinder is popular among the youth or just to anyone looking for ways to socialize online. When you sign in using your Facebook account, it acts as a shield and prevents misuse.
If you frequently upload pictures and selfies on your Facebook account, the dating app will gain access to these bits of information without seeking your permission or request for a new upload. Any change that is made on your social media account will be directly reflected on the app.  
Have you posted a childhood photo of yours, when you were a chubby kid and acne-kissed cheeks? When viewers on Tinder look at this photo, they form a fixed notion about you in their mind. Similarly, if you just posted a photo of your cousin on his graduation, chances are people might assume you are in a committed relationship and might swipe right.
How To Delink Tinder From Facebook?
One of the main reason why you should change the privacy settings is to reduce the risk of being hacked. You would not want your private details to be shared with unknown persons.
The second reason is code switching. Would you talk to your mother the same way you talked to your boss at work? Your expression and mode of communication differ according to the situation and the people involved.
Here’s how you can use Tinder without signing into Facebook.
1.      Start using Tinder by logging onto your Facebook account.
2.      At the top right-hand corner, you will notice a lock symbol that says settings. Click on the lock icon and scroll down until you see a tab that says ‘more settings.'
3.      Click on the app section and choose the Tinder app from the given list. You will find options that let you decide who can view the app. Choose from your friends, other friends (friends of your friends) or self.

4.      The last best, and undoubtedly the easiest. Choose the option that says' only me.' Visit the Tinder app and head to the Settings menu. Toggle the switch that says “Show me on Tinder social." Once you finish this step, you have safely delinked Tinder from getting access to your Facebook posts.

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