Friday, 29 September 2017

Top Wedding Flower Trends

Flowers can be the wow in your wedding; it can convert any venue to a grand affair. Wedding in spring or otherwise, brides will have flowers on their mind. If you are among those who follow the trends, then flowers are trending be it for weddings or baby showers or themed parties and so are the Fleuriste. Also, trending is organic flowers for the wedding as per surveys conducted by
Below are some of the wedding flower trends that are not going out of fashion so soon.
Stunning entrances:
Having a well decorated front door will create a huge impact at your wedding venue. Adorn the doors with flower garlands and flower arches to give a green look. The merit of this arrangement is that it can suit any type and style of wedding and will entice your guests.
Hanging arrangement
This is one of the trends which is getting popular in all kinds of events including weddings. Huge hula hoops are covered with fresh blooms to make chandeliers of flowers. These are most preferred for a family like gatherings, and they make for great decor.
Fresh Organic Flowers
This is also one more trend which is not going away in a hurry. Like food, people are preferring to use fresh flowers grown locally rather than importing it from other countries. The advantage of this is that local produce is fresher when compared to the ones imported.
Nowadays along with flowers, use of greenery is also on the rise. You can use leafage instead of using flowers everywhere. The advantage is that you are saving money on expensive flowers and also adding a more natural look to the venue. The foliage is usually arranged on tables in vases of glass or with candles. You can also use them in bouquets and other arrangements. Designs with orchids, Caladium leafage, bougainvillea., etc. is very popular.
Heirloom flowers
The heirloom type of flowers which has unique design and color is used more these days replacing the once common filler blooms like zinnias, carnations, etc. The new cultivars are what most people who are style conscious look for and not the typical carnations.
Muddy shades
You can have bouquets, or other flower arrangements are muddy tones as it blends well with mild colors.
Red wine color
One of the most attractive flowers in wedding bouquets these days are the red wine-colored ones. Cabernet or pinot noir pair well with a variety of other mild colored blooms to create a great texture. You can opt for a bold or a soft look adding a variety of flowers to compliment it.
Color of the dress coordinated with flowers
Your green bouquet can be incorporated with orchids, foliage, hydrangeas, etc. all in green color in contrast to a dark colored dress like black. Pink or red also goes well with this green bouquet.

White is always a classic for your wedding day. White flowers go well with any of the dress colors. If you are wearing a white dress, you can mix and match dark green leafage to make the bouquet look very colorful.

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